Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

8 Apr 1995 15:56:31 -0400

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Don Steiny <> wrote:
> (Gary Strand) quotes mm (with whom he disagrees):
>>mm> affirmative action has the goal of integrating the workforce. that means
>> non-whites where whites used to be.
> This is a fallacy, or at least it unsupportable. You are assuming
>a zero sum game. I think there will be more jobs and that they will be
>filled all kinds of different people. That has what has always happened
>before. Why should a process that has reliably worked since the dawn of
>history suddenly cease?

What the hell are you babbling about? Systematic racism versus many
groups in this nation and abroad has existed throughout history. There
is nothing inevitable about jobs being filled with "all kinds of
different people." Leaving aside your simplistic assumptions about
history, it is statistically and anecdotally evident that non-whites
continue to lag far behind whites in the workplace. In fact, the
primary beneficiaries of AA have been white females, not these evil
black males who are robbing the jobs of "decent" white people.
Ideally there would be perfect jobs for everyone, but this is
simply not the case. If non-whites are ever to make it into the ranks
of owners and managers, they must have access to the same informal
networks that ambitious white people have available to them. This is
one of the key purposes of AA, which has worked most effectively in
the military and somewhat less so in the private sector. Having come to the
end of a long job search myself and having seen dozens of hi-tech and
consulting companies, it is clear that non-whites still have a far to
go in penetrating the professional workforce.



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