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Michael Bauser (
Mon, 03 Apr 95 13:23:45 EDT

In article <> (Terrance Fisher) writes:

>Can someone tell me which newsgroup I should post this request:
>1. Any research on Atlantis (the lost city) after 1985.

Hmmm. I don't think there's any group specifically devoted to
Atlantis (and frankly, I don't think the world needs one), so I'd
suggest sci.archaelogy and alt.misc.forteana as places where
somebody might know something.

The only book sitting on my shelf that mentions Atlantis is
_Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries_ by Kenneth L. Feder (Mayfied
Publishing Company, 1990). Chapter 8 gives a nice overview
of the subject.

>2. Traditional wedding ceremonies of Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zaire, and Ghana.

Try cross-posting this one to,,
soc.culture.african, and soc.culture.nigeria . That ought to flush
out anyone who can help.

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