Re: Aquatic Ape Theory

Rod Hagen (
Wed, 05 Apr 1995 12:01:44 +1000

In article <3li7tb$>, Dave Polan <> wrote:

> I am looking for a book entitled "The Aquatic Ape" by Elaine Morgan.
> Was told about it a few years ago, but have never been able to find...
> am told it is out of print. Can anyone help? Please e-mail a lead or
> begin discussion. thanks.

Don't know if you will find it worth the trouble when you get hold of it.
I read it earlier this year after extensive posts about it in
sci.anthropology.paleo. There is also a more recent book by Morgan, the
title of which momentarily escapes me, which involves a slightly more
dressed up version of her arguments.

Essentially they seem to me to have about the same amount of validity (and
use a similar type of rargument) as Von Danicken's arguments in Chariots
of the Gods etc, that earth was actually settled by beings from outer


Rod Hagen