Re: Aquatic Ape Theory

Stephen Wray (
06 Apr 1995 10:27:30 GMT

> > I am looking for a book entitled "The Aquatic Ape" by Elaine Morgan.
> > Was told about it a few years ago, but have never been able to find...
> Don't know if you will find it worth the trouble when you get hold of it.
> I read it earlier this year after extensive posts about it in
> Essentially they seem to me to have about the same amount of validity (and
> use a similar type of rargument) as Von Danicken's arguments in Chariots
> of the Gods etc, that earth was actually settled by beings from outer
> space!

Oh no, I don't think so.
Her arguments abour body-fat distribution in humans as compared with other
primates seem to point towards at least semi-aquatic primates somewhere in
our past.

The sorts of subcutaneous fat we see in people are common in wallowing or
swimming mammals, and are uncommon in primates. In fact, I think we are the
*only* primate with subcutaneous fat deposits (other primates tend to build
up fat around the viscera).

This, and other anatomical features Morgan describes, tends to lend at
least some credibility to her theory as to its origin. Von Daniken -- who
actively faked evidence -- is in a different category altogether.

Unless you maintain that she *is* faking evidence?

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