Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Scott Sellers (
Sun, 2 Apr 1995 04:32:32 GMT

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>Lane Singer ( wrote:
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>: writes:
>: >>>And the ideals of Christianity were tarnished by the atrocities
>: >>>of the Spanish Inquisition, but that doesn't mean it should be
>: >>>strictly forbidden.
>: >>
>: >>Excuse me? Are you comparing the "philosophy" of racism to that
>: >>of Christianity (or any other religion, for that matter)? I'm not
>: >>sure how else to interpret this statement of yours. The way it
>: >>follows on the previous remarks implies that you feel the Holocaust
>: >>just gave racism a "bad name" in the same way that the Iquisition
>: >>gave Christianity a bad name. If I am misinterpreting your words,
>: >>please advise me.
>: >
>: >Should all terms be defined by their most extreme examples???
>: Oh. I see. I hadn't misinterpretted you then. I guess we can
>: take a similar approach to the analysis of drunk driving, or
>: parent/child incest. Should they be defined by their most extreme
>: examples? Yes.
>I believe you are saying that racism, which you define in terms of its
>most extreme manifestations, is bad and should therefore not exist.
>Are you, therefore, arguing that the members of a particular race should
>be defined by the actions of the worst members of that race? Such an
>approach seems characteristic of the logic employed in the literature of
>racist groups like National Vanguard to imply that the continued existence
>of certain races is bad and should be corrected.

How about giving an example of good, or even benign racism? Sounds like it
really shouldn't be a problem.

I mean, what the hell. I'm all for it. Why not define racism by some of
these less extreme manifestations? I certainly don't want to posit an
extremist argument.

Let's get right to the moderate, reasonable, benevolent heart of racism,
shall we?

Any takers?

Scott Sellers