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: >i'm not going to get into a discussion about jared taylor. but i'll ask
: >the following simple question. is affirmative action institutional
: racism?
: >if so, is it america's first?
: >
: I believe that aff. action springs from a twisted interpretation of the
: Civil Rights Act. But since it has been interpreted this way, it has
: become law.

affirmative action was a concession made to the civil rights leadership in
the national interest. it has evolved to be a general program for racial
integration and economic stimulus.

Do race-based laws = institutional racism?

no. the difference between racial and racist is crucial. it's the
significant difference between being 'color aware' and 'color struck'.
your 'race-based laws' are unclear. underlying purposes are important.

Does the presence
: of a few race-based laws make the whole system racist?

too broad.

: My personal definition of institutional racism is the ability for
: minorities who honestly believe that they have been wronged to perceive
: and label an evil even when no tangible evidence is present.

that's foolish. familiarize yourself with case law and thurgood marshall's
testimony before the supreme court. consider regulation in the banking and
insurance industries against redlining. (now under radical republican

: >
: >well let's consider the primacy of rights. obviously private property
: >rights have greater priority in the american legal system, as designed,
: >than human rights.
: There was no label "human rights" when the American legal system was
: formed.
: >the simple case in point was that africans in america
: >were considered, not humans, but property. the same goes for africans as
: >citizens. the history of that is clear. the corrective actions taken
: >against that is also clear.
: >
: ok

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