Re: Is white racism nec. all bad?

Larry Olson (
Thu, 30 Mar 95 20:29:11 GMT

In article <>, (Scott Sellers) wrote:
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>> (Robert Hartman) wrote:
>>> ...
>>>Are unconscious
>>>prejudices really sacred? Is it not appropriate to confront and bring
>>>to conscious attention those unconscious prejudices that the culture at
>>>large has introjected into you? If you are unconsciously acting out a
>>>racist agenda, wouldn't it add to your own personal freedom to
>>>confront that information and consider the source of those thoughts?
>>> ...
>>>My freedom to speak includes the freedom
>>>to confront you about destructive and evil beliefs that you may not
>>>even notice you hold.
>>> ...
>>>And what is your basis for holding those attitudes? Where is the
>>>truth? And if your beliefs are falsely based, do you really want to
>>>perpetuate those faleshoods in your own life?
>>> ...
>>This is utterly warped, and at the root of why you guys are so disliked.
>>It makes his point perfectly concerning "mind control", yes?
>What "guys" are you talking about? Disliked? By who?
>I think Hartman is right on. Is it really "mind control" to critique
>established dogmas?
>Look. If your philosophy, worldview, or whatever can't stand up to a
>free exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives, that's your
>problem. Poke your head back in the sand.
>If you want to see mind control, look in the mirror.
>Scott Sellers

You've got to be kidding. You want to defend this?

The pc being promoted here is as its _purpose_ meant to muzzle expression
and ideas that are not politic with a self-defined minority. Promoting your
political wants, and critiqueing the opposition's is the essence of
politics. Do it smartly and loudly. What's displayed above is rather the
pernicious technique of casting the opposition's view out of political
argument - it is simply invalid - the boy is sick, and needs
politely-applied duct tape and political/cultural reeducation. And the
unwitting person doesn't even need to be conciously aware of the
contamination! The monitor will inform them when their views or actions are
rooted in their inherent racism, and instruct on its correction. It must be
a heady feeling to be a morally-purified victim, and thus to see those
things so incisively.

Head in the sand: "you guys" means you guys that promote it, and the dislike
is being overwelmingly expressed all over the country and in every election.