citation specifics for 2 Victor Turner quotations...

christopher john smith (
28 Mar 1995 21:19:03 GMT

Against a deadline, I'm searching for page citations for a specific
quotation from Victor Turner's _The Anthropology of Experience._ It
was subsequently quoted in Dobbins' _The Jombee Dance of Montserrat_,
but I need the original citation, and the IU library copy is missing.
Any help would be _most_ gratefully appreciated:

"The building blocks [of ritual][...] are symbols. Symbols are simply
articles, gestures, spaces, or times that--in a ritual context and
by convention--stand for something else.[...]More important than a
definition of symbol is its dynamic or function, which explains how
ordinary articles and gestures are believed to achieve extraodinary
results.[...] Hence, there is a latent ambiguity about symbol,
and this ambiguity allows the ritual symbol to be open to many meanings,
or to be _multivocal_." What page(s)?

Also in TAOE, the page citations for Kapferer's "Performance and the
Structuring of Meaning and Experience."

Finally, for those who are subscribers to American Ethnologist (our
library copies are at the bloody bindery): in Vol 12 (1985), the page
citations for Schieffelin's "Performance and the Cultural Construction
of Reality."

Thanks for any help; I will hope to be able to return the favor some
day. Email is best.


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