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: > Here is an
: >: example to illustrate my point: crack cocaine and powdered
: >: cocaine are both illegal. both are deadly, the jury is still
: >: out as to weather one is more dangerous than the other, as of
: >: right now they are considered equal killers. Crack cocaine is
: >: used mostly by blacks, powdered cocaine by whites. The legal
: >: penalty for the use and or sale of crack cocaine is four times
: >: (jailtime) that of powdered cocaine. These drugs are both
: >: illegal, they are both killers, and they are both destroying
: >: our neighborhoods. But blacks are penalized more for the same
: >: crimes.
: >
: >excellent example.
: >
: The inference is that more crack users are behind bars than cocaine
: users. I feel sorry for black communities when white people argue that
: holding black criminals in jail longer than white criminals somehow
: hurts black communities. Holding crack users and sellers in jail is
: not a bad thing, letting them go back out into the black neighborhoods
: is. Keeping criminals in jail is a good thing. The more criminals in
: jail the safer the community. One of the jobs of the police is to arrest
: drug users and put them in jail. If anything, it seems that the police
: are biased against whites. Why? Because they allow the white criminals
: to go free more often, threatening the well being of others.
: >THAT is racism. The individual judge, lawyer, or police
: >: officer is not necessarily racist, but the system they work
: >: under is.
: >
: >that is institutional racism. the legal term is 'disparate impact'. the
: >specific racism in operation is white supremacy.
: >
: _Prejudice and Racism_ by James Jones defines institutional racism as,
: "those established laws, customs, and practices which systematically
: reflect and produce racial inequities in American society. If racist
: consequences accrue to institutional laws, customs or practices, the
: institution is racist whether or not the individuals maintaining those
: practices have racist intentions.
: In the words of Jared Taylor, "This is an attempt to transfer
: responsibility to an entire society, even when there is no intent to
: discriminate. It does away with the idea of individual responsibility,
: while essentially declaring all whites guilty. It is thinking like this,
: which attributes to whites at large the sins that cannot be found in
: individual whites, that leads to indiscriminate, societywide 'remedies'
: such as affirmative action."

i'm not going to get into a discussion about jared taylor. but i'll ask
the following simple question. is affirmative action institutional racism?
if so, is it america's first?

: >what you are not saying is white supremacy. that's what's going on.
: that
: >is the history of the american legal system. it is not any arbitrary
: >racism, it is a specific set of racist ideas implemented in specific
: ways
: >through specific laws and conventions.
: >
: i.e. the American legal system is an ideological tool set up by whites
: to oppress blacks.

well let's consider the primacy of rights. obviously private property
rights have greater priority in the american legal system, as designed,
than human rights. the simple case in point was that africans in america
were considered, not humans, but property. the same goes for africans as
citizens. the history of that is clear. the corrective actions taken
against that is also clear.

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