Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Mike Allen (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 08:29:56 -0500

Paul Crowley wrote:

> Yes, but the nobles were on large, fast, horses. They had lances and
> other weapons, such as crossbows. They were fairly safe unless they
> dismounted. They could harry the boar until it was exhausted.
> I'm sure the gentlemen would not have risked it with a fragile wooden
> spear. And attempting to do it all on foot would have been suicidal
> even with weapons of medieval steel. In any case "standing a very good
> chance" (which I don't accept) might be OK on occasion. It's not viable
> as a regular way of life.
> Paul.
Actually the noble designated to get the kill in a boar hunt DID get off
of his horse. To use a boar spear, one had to be dismounted. The
The butt of the spear had to be in the ground. The boar would charge
the noble
on the ground and with the spear grounded the boar would impale itself.
A boar
spear did have a guard on it which a boar could not pass. Otherwise the
would run all the way through the spear to kill the noble before it
Needless to say many brave (foolhardy) nobles died when there spear was
improperly planted or the guard on the spear broke. The spear was made
of wood
and steel.

The hunt was more a test of courage than it was a hunt for food.

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