Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Dr Nancy's Sweetie (
7 Sep 1996 13:14:31 GMT

[ Followups trimmed. ]

George Cooper claimed:
> At the trial, Clarence Darrow held up the tooth of an extinct pig and
> claimed that it was from Nebraska Man!

When Herb Huston asked for a reference, Mr Cooper replied:
> Do you have a bibliographical reference which proves me wrong? In this
> case it should be easy for you since this court case is a matter of the
> written record.

What would have you have Mr Huston do? Post the entire text of the court
transcripts to demonstrate his point?

If it is there, demonstrating it can be done by quoting the relevant
passage and giving a citation. If it isn't there, demonstrating that it's
not there requires going through the transcript sentence-by-sentence and
asking "Do you agree that this sentence is not a claim that a tooth is
Nebraska Man?" at each one.

If your claim is true, it would be easy to document -- just because you are
too incompetent to do so doesn't mean you should ask everyone else to do
your homework for you.


Aside: Mr Huston asks for references because it's more polite than just
saying something like "George Cooper has either made up this lie, or has
repeated it from some other liar without looking it up."

This way, you can try to locate the reference to Darrow making the
pig-tooth claim, you'll discover that it's false, and you can post a
followup apologising for your error. If Mr Huston had just said: "George
Cooper's claim is false, either through dishonesty or incompetence", then
you wouldn't have any opportunity to save face.

Of course, having been given the opportunity you have thrown it away, but
perhaps you'll remember this and try not to look like such an idiot in the

Darren F Provine /