Nebraska Man: Peccary, Not Pig (Re: Creationists...)

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. (
6 Sep 1996 15:41:49 GMT (Paul J. Gans) wrote:
> Herb Huston ( wrote:
> : In article <>,
> : George Cooper <> wrote:
> : }At the trial, Clarence Darrow held up the tooth of an extinct pig and
> : }claimed that it was from Nebraska Man!
> :
> : Full bibliographic reference, please.
> Clarence Darrow is very well documented. He appeared in this
> movie I once saw. As for the tooth of an extinct pig, I dare
> you to take a tooth from the mouth of a non-extinct pig.


For the record, though, "Hesperopithecus" turned out to be the tooth of
a peccary (member of the Tayassuidae, the predominently New World suinan
family), not a pig (member of the Suidae, mostly found in the Old World).