Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

John Rice Cole (
7 Sep 1996 02:56:49 GMT

The judge did not allow any experts to testify, so Cooper Cole and the others
made NO claims in the trial--about ANYTHING.
--John R. Cole

Wesley R. Elsberry ( wrote:
: In article <50l9hd$>,
: Herb Huston <> wrote:
: >In article <>,
: >George Cooper <> wrote:
: GC>At the trial, Clarence Darrow held up the tooth of an extinct pig and
: GC>claimed that it was from Nebraska Man!

: HH>Full bibliographic reference, please.
: [Quote]
: [...] The imaginative newspaper coverage and the timing of the
: find made a big impression at the 1925 Scopes Trial. Nebraska
: man was never introduced into the trial, since the lead
: paleoanthropologist Dr. Fay Cooper cole had some misgivings
: about it, but it was there nonetheless.

: [End quote -- RM Cornelius & JD Morris, 1995, Scopes: Creation on Trial,
: ICR, p.40.]

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