Re: Luxembourg Is Nova Chalconia; Luxembourg City Is Hakungoak

Big Ears. (
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 13:48:59 GMT

El Rox schreeft of schrift (?) / wrote:

> Vrgr&hgrr is an abbrevation of vriendelijke groeten en hartelijk groeten
> Rox. Literary: friendly greetings and cordial greeting Rox. Translated:
> regardful love and lovely regards or words of that ilk.

Is that really true ? Your translation ? Mijn vertaling is: friendly
greetings / best regards. I don't think "love" is part of it.

> Graag gedaan / geen dank / tot je dienst,

Ik ben zeer dankbaar voor je antwoord. Echt.

>BE> The British Conservative government now forbids policemen the right to
>BE> participate in Usenet. Freedom of Speech for all including the Cops.

> Also as private persons, after work or do they get payed (paid) 24 hour per day
> all days all year??

Yes. Recently British police officers have stopped expressing their views
on topical matters in newsgroups. I think society needs to hear and to read
the views of all members of society including policemen (en vrouwen)

Beste wensen / groetjes of moet ik groeten schriven ?

Big Ears.