Re: Could old races have been exterminated?

Bob Keeter (
2 Sep 1996 17:06:54 GMT (Marius Johnston) wrote:
>Who is to say what "race "were the Tanzanian foot prints that Mary Leaky
>found. Just because the foot prints were in Africa does not mean they
>were placed there by a "black" person
>> >Could this explain why redheaded people are usually from
>> >Ireland/Scotland, and blonds may have originally been from Scandinavia?
>> >Could they have been separate tribes a long time ago? Could the black
>> >man in Africa be the dominant race that disposed other races? Could
>> >whites in Europe have done the same?
>There are several problems with this apparent supposition:
>1.You assume that the "original person" in Africa was "black".
>2. You assume a conquering black race.
> b. you assume the Nation of Islam's racist origins of "white people"
>being a genetic misfortune that was spurned by the dominant black race.
>Racism is grand, ain't it!

Actually, racism (of any color!) is pretty detestible to some of us! The
last I checked, the HUMAN race was rather color blind. ( I know, my usage
of the term is not scientifically corect, but needed to make a point.)

As for actual skin color, it is not the current theory that skin color
is more of an adaptation to the environmental pressures (specifically
solar UV radiation) than any real "racial" (whatever that may actually
be!) trait?

As for extinct races, given that Neanderthal, modern man, and Homo Erectus seem
to have co-existed for a short while (Neanderthal, in Europe/West Asia, modern
man in Africa and spreading out, and Homo Erectus in East Asia) could these
three be considered "races"?

I wonder how divergent the present racial traits are in comparison the the
fossil differences between these three generally accepted "species"?