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> How old was that Siberian grave site of a woman nicknamed "the
> Princess"? She was found wearing an elaborate headress and clothing;
> remarkably intact, including tatoos. --L.B.

The so-called "Siberian Princess" of Ukak was found near the border of
Mongolia and China in the Autonomous Republic of Altay. Her kurgan (burial
mound) was distrubed and the upper parts were raided. The lower part
contained the body of a high status women along with a horse. Her tattoos
and the animal depictions on the artefacts identify her with the Pazyryk
culture which was part of the Scytho-Siberian cultural complex c.500 bce.
The Scytho-Siberians spread across the vast tracks of the Siberian Steppes
and as far to the Black Sea were the Scythians made contact with the
Classial civilisations. Not much is published on the frozen "Princess" and
apparently she is currently being pickled like Lenin at the same
preservation labortory in Leningrad.