Re: Creationists win the schools in New Mexico

Stephen F. Schaffner (sschaff@roc.SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
1 Sep 1996 04:46:46 GMT

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Matt Silberstein <> wrote:
>But a teach in a public school is an agent of the state. An individual
>teach cannot teach creationism any more than the teach can lead a
>prayer or discriminate based on color. Which is to say, they are
>forbidden, but some probably do it anyway. I would love to see the
>rationalization of a Christian teach who breaks the law to teach
>creationism. But then again, some of them shoot down doctors in the

_You_ may think teaching creationism is forbidden by the Constitution,
but your opinion does not have the force of law. In the U.S., the
Constitution forbids what the Supreme Court says it forbids, and
(as far as I know) the court has never ruled on this issue. There is
neither legislation nor a court decision prohibiting such teaching at
this time, despite periodic claims to the contrary on t.o (again, if
I've misunderstood the legal situation, I'd like to be corrected).

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