Re: H2O Preds. and AAT

chris brochu (
28 Sep 1995 16:21:55 GMT

Let me back my claim up:

On the night of Feb. 19, 1945, approximately 1000 Japanese soldiers were
trapped on Ramree Island, a dry spot off the coast of Burma, by British
forces. Ramree is separated from the mainland by 30 km of mangrove
swamp. Of the 1000 troops who tried to escape through the swamp, twenty
survived. British personnel interviewed after the incedent reported the
loud sounds of crocodile jaws mixed with human voices.

That's a survivorship of 0.2 %. And please bear in mind - these were
trained, physically fit, armed soldiers. An early hominid population in
the same scenario would include the very young and infirm, and their
weapons would not be as efficient as firearms.

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