The Shrouded Ape Theory

Lyle Murphy (
26 Sep 1995 17:53:15 GMT

I've watched this group for several months now on and off. It is
interesting. The main problem we are having is in trying to identify
mans present condition to observed fossil remains and the ape
population at present, and find out how we came to be as we are. A strong
theory todate has been the aquatic ape theory. I don't think so. So I
propose a new theory which may explain our condition. I don't feel like
the ape as we know him is inclined in anyway to become aquatic, for any
reason, long enough to aquire the traits we have (hairless, fat, nose,
head hair,bipedal, etc). All of which could be explained by an
aquatic nature. Again I don't think so. Here ... man or that which our
stock came from must have become isolated long ago (and in great numbers)
and exposed to a very cold harsh cold climate. The existing body hair of
apes is insufficient to protect him with the comfort he/she seeks. It was
not so cold to cause death, but great discomfort. So possibly they went to
covering themselves eventually with whatever they could to keep in the warmth.
The nose would be pinched to provide warmth to the nose. In seeing this
worked, they stove to increase their comfort. Noting that covering provides
warmth and the face changing due to being penched all the time we have the
lose of body hair and the start of our facial features. The aspect of
being bipedal came slowly only after he recognized that he could become a
successful pedator in the search for food. (Reason now that all of this
takes place over thousands of years). In the chase of game a rock or club
or whatever being used at first to distract or stun the prey.
The rock or club had to be used for success and had to be carried.
He could not move on all fours like before but had to adjust to be successful.
Success does not lead to improvements in and of themselves. But the aspect
of bigger game leads to newer methods that do work (improvments). Here begins
mans inquiring nature and his need for cooperation for success. And why ..
to improve his condition. He is cold and hungry. Bigger game means more
hides for cover and more food to eat. Improved tools means greater success.
So now modern man emerges from this environment after thousands of years to
find Neandrothal (possibly an offshoot of this earlier senario). Modern
man is equiped to hunt and kill with great success. Neandrothal lacks
these skills and succumbs because he looks more animal than human and
is not able to defend as well as he is attacked. End of Neo man. Enter homo
to reign over all with a success oriented mind to go with it. You see ...
it was necessity that was the creation of modern man ... not evasion of
peditors into an environment out of fright. What is the old saying ...
necessity is the mother of invention. This goes for evolution too.

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