Re: The Shrouded Ape Theory

Eric Draven (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 22:29:29 GMT (Lyle Murphy) wrote:

>stock came from must have become isolated long ago (and in great numbers)
>and exposed to a very cold harsh cold climate. The existing body hair of
>apes is insufficient to protect him with the comfort he/she seeks. It was
>not so cold to cause death, but great discomfort. So possibly they went to
>covering themselves eventually with whatever they could to keep in the warmth.
>The nose would be pinched to provide warmth to the nose. In seeing this
>worked, they stove to increase their comfort. Noting that covering provides
>warmth and the face changing due to being penched all the time we have the
>lose of body hair and the start of our facial features.

So, let me see... If I start pinching my nose a lot, and tell my wife
to do the same, our children will have more elongated, sharper noses?
Or our grandchildren? That's quite Lamarckian of you.

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