Re: homo erectus

Phil Nicholls (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 02:26:44 GMT (Matt Butler) graced us with the following words:

>I just started grad school and am leaning toward primatology or
>paleoanthro... Becoming a little confused by the cavalier use of terms
>and loose use of dates in this group. I know that part of this is the
>nature of the beast.
>But I am reading right here about the cro-magnins evolving into
>modern homo sapiens. Many of you would say otherwise, or I am
>mis-reading. It is just an intro book to help me with this very thing,
>so I would appreciate some input.

Most of the people posting here are self-taught when it comes to
paleoanthropology. Please keep that in mind. There are some with
more formal training (Ralph Holloway posts here from time to time).

Phil Nicholls
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