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25 Sep 1995 00:03:22 GMT

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>Apes would not be more more streamlined than humans and neither
>would animals like dogs or cats. Computing the drag coefficient
>is a difficult business but it could be done experimentally.

Jim didn't ask for how aquatic drag might be determined. He
asked for a source for your claim that we _are_ "streamlined."
Several of the traits that go into that "streamlining" are of much
more recent vintage than any hypothesized aquatic phase. The question
wouldn't even be "are humans streamlined" it would be "were our
_ancestors_ streamlined?" Was Lucy any more "streamlined" than the
CA? Than modern chimps? Judging by eye (with a bit of experience
with aerodynamics and very basic naval architecture) it doesn't seem
so. If you, or anyone else, is going to cite "streamlining" as
evidence of an earlier aquatic lifestyle, I'd just _love_ to hear the
explanation for why we didn't develop that trait until millions of
years after the lifestyle was _over_!

>>waterholes in the desert of Chad!), there were no "non-infested"
>>waters available for these purported aquatic hominids. If, as you
>>now suggest, they didn't live in such waters, they didn't live in
>>any eastern African waters.
>Sorry to ask these questions but
>1) were crocodiles always big?

Within the timeframe in question, yes. In fact, crocodilians of
modern sizes and larger (sometimes _much_ larger) date back to the

>2) were there salt water crocodiles ?

Yes. As there are today.

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