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Ralph L Holloway (
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 17:16:50 -0400

Whoa. It's pretty rare that female Australian Aboriginal brain
endocasts get lower than about 900 ml, but it is true that on the
average, Australian Aboriginal brain weights are somewhat lower than,
say, Caucasian or Asian, at least from the data I've looked at.
And there does appear to be some evidence for some "different" wiring
in the Australian Aboriginal brain, in that their primary visual
cortices (Brodmann's area 17) are relatively larger (and statistically
significantly so) than for those of Caucasians. This was recently
published by Klekamp et al in an early 1995 Journal for Brain Research
article. More fascinating are the behavioral tests on perception in
which the Australian Aboriginal has usually scored at a higher level
than Caucasians.
Ralph Holloway.
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> HARRY R. ERWIN ( sez:
> [...]
> Second, these early cultures were very definitely transitional in
> `multiple senses, both to archaic H. sapiens and (possibly) to very late H.
> `erectus. Even today, some North Australian native groups have (female)
> `endocast volumes in the low H. erectus range (about 750 cc). Those folks
> `are fully modern in culture, behavior, and intelligence. Think about that!