Bryce attacks! didn't hurt, though.

J. Moore (
Sun, 24 Sep 95 18:38:00 -0500

Br> >El> Just a sprinkling of quotations:
Br> >
Br> >Why there were even some titles there. One would only have to
Br> >read several hundred pages to see if you altered these quotes or
Br> >left out context, as per your common practice.

Br> But rather than actually reading them, you'd rather just make a
Br> slanderous attack and skip the reading. Hmm. What a scientist you are!

You mean libelous... however, to be libel, it must be false, and
my statement was not false.

Now, Bryce, here's a quote; find out if it's been altered or taken out
of context:

"The dietetic habits of our hominoid and hominid progenitors made
likely a high level of stress on sodium homeostasis." (Denton, *The
Hunger for Salt*, 1982).

Do you realize just how long this is going to take you? First you
have to get the book, of course, then you have to plow through how
many pages to find the quote...!? Why, it's almost as if I didn't
want you to look up the quote at all; because I had the page
number right here and didn't provide it to you. This is why it's
standard scientific practice to provide full sources for statements,
complete with page numbers for quotes. In fact, it's pretty much
standard practice for popular non-fiction nowadays; best-sellers
do it all the time. Morgan doesn't. And Morgan alters her "quotes".

Br> With the vicious personal attacks you've made on Elaine lately, I am not
Br> suprised she's thinking of ignoring you. She's shown an amazing amount
Br> of patience and resilience and has rarely decended to your level of
Br> flames and ad hominem attacks. It is obvious that you depend on the
Br> attention you get from this newsgroup to make up for your social
Br> shortcomings, and that secretly you are afraid that Elaine will ignore
Br> you, as that would emasculate you in the eyes of the other newsgroup
Br> readers.
Br> ---
Br> Bryce Harrington

Well, at least *you* don't induldge in ad hominem attacks.

Jim Moore (

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