Re: DISCOVER/Neanderthal/Homo Sap.

Muttiah ((no email))
20 Sep 1995 16:06:48 GMT (Philip Reno) wrote:

>Too much sunlight on a light skinned individual will lead to burning,
>which though annoying is not life threatening. Skin cancer may
>develop later in life, but that won't effect one's reproductive
>success. There is the disease that results from too much Vit-D, but I
>don't know who common that is. I heard that it usually occurs with
>the ingestion of carnivor livers.

Too much Vit-D and you get kidney stones too. Just see what wonders
it has done to the Bosnian civil war with the Serb general down with
Kidney stone ailment :).

>Is there any studies on the difference in skin pigmentation on
>American Indians living in temporate and tropical regions. Those
>populations in the tropic don't seem to have re-evolved dark skin in
>the last few thousand years.

This might be very difficult now since the populations have never been
studied in isolation for that long. I suspect that it is an interaction
of environment and sexual selection. Getting to this point below:
>Also, it may be the case that the skin clor of southern East Indians,
>may be a good model for Cro-Magnon skin pigmentation.

That as you go south the Indians get darker ? Perhaps you are right,
but can we rule out that people didn't sexually select for darker skins ?

>Any thoughts?