Re: Neanderthals...

Joao Duarte (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 22:53:35 GMT

HI (Aila Korhonen) wrote:

>[... ]Neanderthals would have been pushed to poorer lands
>against the ice in the north.
>Only later they would have 'sapientiated', getting more and more
>influence from the winners in the manner many later original groups
>have been mixed with their conquerors. [..]

I think you are assuming that the Neanderthals were the dumber, the
least capable.

I don't think that it is fair to assume that. I once read in an
article that if two species with the same technology compete for the
same habitat, the one with the faster breading cycle will eventually
dominate, and this has little to do with brain-power. This is just
one alternative explanation.

Remember that until the final demise of the Neanderthals, their
technology was indistinguishable (wathever the spelling :-) )from
the self proclaimed "sapients".

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