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Aila Korhonen (
21 Sep 1995 18:21:21 GMT

15.9.95 ADUNCAN@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU Alex Duncan wrote:

> Where did you pick that 2myr?

and 15.9.95 BCAT@NETCOM.COM bearcat wrote:

> She's talking of Homo erectus

Yes, my knowledge of the 'out of Africa' theory is thin, indeed. I
actually picked that age from an earlier posting not thinking it
much about, but it was backed by a book I read (in finnish, of
origin of languages). It gave Petralonians as transient types
between erectus and sapiens and the appearing of Neanderthals much
more recent. It mentioned that erectus was in Asia very early - that
was the 1.9 million years. The book did not consider connections
between european and african erectus or sapiens types, it was out of
its scope, so it indeed left me with a gap of 2 million years between
Neanderthals and the invading Hss population.

What is thought of it at present? When was the latest reliable contact
between east-african and non-african hominids before Cro-Magnon times?
In fact, this has always been obscure to me.

Reading this newsgroup I have got an impression, that the newcoming
africans were a very distinct population with a full complex of speech
and high intelligence. Sounds like they had evolved very rapidly.

I apologize the lag of my answer. My access to the 'net is pretty
irregular, though I usually get all news.

Aila Korhonen in Finland