Re: _the neandertal enigma_ questions

kevin m. kniffin (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 17:20:09 GMT

>1. sexual dimorphism in Neandertals. Sexual dimorphism isn't all that
>easy to determine unless you have a great number of skeletons that can be
>averaged out. That said, most investigators believe there was greater
>sexual dimorphism in Neandertals than in modern humans. A Neandertal
>female, however, was still a much more robust individual than any modern
>female. Olga Soffer uses this to bolster her argument that they were
>fully capable of provisioning themselves and their offspring without a lot
>of help from males.

yep, this was in the book. but, i get confused here. if there was greater
sexual dimorphism among the neadertals, and neandertal females are much more
robust than modern females, THEN modern males are "much, much" more
gracile/less robust than neandertal males, accoutning for the decreased the
level of sexual dimorphism among moderns, right?

--kevin (who knows virtually nothing about "fossilized sound":)