Re: paleo and behavior

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15 Sep 1995 01:48:49 GMT

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thibama@ERE.UMontreal.CA (Thibault Marisa) writes:
>I'm looking for pepoel who study or are interesting about the putting
>in place, in the human evolution, of some behaviors like aggressivity.
>I will like to know if they have some traces or vestiges that we can
>interpret this way. I know they have some paintings in Europe who
>show's violence. But I will like to know (with the updates researchs)
>if they have other traces of this behavior a faraway of these periode
>in the prehistory. So if you have any informations or discussions
>about this subject contact me. Thank.nd

Evidence at Olorgesailie, Kenya, of Homo erectus involved in (ritual?)
slaughter of baboons. This site contained the remains of 90 giant
baboons from 400k - 700k years BP. Pat Shipman from Hopkins was one of
the discoverers. The baboons had had their heads smashed (I also seem
to remember that baboon skulls with evidence of smashing were found by
Dart at Taung site). Ref: Current Anthro, June, 1981