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J. Moore (
Thu, 14 Sep 95 10:10:00 -0500

Nc> Elaine Morgan <> writes:

Nc> >What discourages me about the fossil material is not the lack of it
Nc> >but the blinkered way in which it is written about.

Nc> I think it is important to stress that *most* vertebrate material
Nc> found in the fossil record was deposited in water. The real
Nc> issue is whether the depositional environment truely reflects something
Nc> about how the animal lived. Not how it died. I don't want to second-
Nc> guess Johansen, but if giraff and elephant are also found in the same
Nc> depositional environment as Lucy (and these fossils were found)
Nc> then the fact that Lucy was found in a watery grave should hardly
Nc> warrant a raised eye-brow. Frankly, I think this Lucy-along-the-shore-
Nc> with-crabs evidence is leading some people not well-versed in the
Nc> science of depositional environment to some false logic.
Nc> <pb>

Morgan complains about "the blinkered way in which it is written"!
I thought she just did fiction and "docudramas"; I never realised
that comedy was actually her forte.

She should complain !? when she continually manages to not mention
not only the giraffes and elephants, but the many bovids, horses,
monkeys and baboons, hyenas, cats, rhinos, rodents, and pigs also
found there.

But of course Morgan would have it that if you die in hospital;
you must have spent most of your life there. ;-)

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