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Tue, 12 Sep 1995 22:16:37 -0400

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> >Another mistake you're making is the assumption that sub-Saharan
> >Africans of 50kya were as dark as they are today.

Very likely they were. See the published material on the Nariokotome
skeleton. If the Turkana Boy seems to show similar skeletal adaptations to
the East African savannah to those seen in modern peoples of the same
area, his skin color is likely to have been also very similar. That's why
the tropical skeletal proportions of Cro Magnon man also seems to be
saying something about skin pigment. Skin color is very sensitive to the
amount of sunlight. It appears to go from very light to quite dark in no
more than 3000-4000 years, given the evidence from India.

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