Re: DISCOVER/Neanderthal/Homo Sap.

Barry Mennen (
14 Sep 1995 12:49:15 GMT

In <> (Bearcat) writes:
>Harry Erwin ( wrote:
>[was early H.s.s. darkskinned]
>: Very likely they were. See the published material on the Nariokotome
>: skeleton. If the Turkana Boy seems to show similar skeletal
adaptations to
>: the East African savannah to those seen in modern peoples of the
>: area, his skin color is likely to have been also very similar.
That's why
>: the tropical skeletal proportions of Cro Magnon man also seems to be
>: saying something about skin pigment. Skin color is very sensitive to
>: amount of sunlight. It appears to go from very light to quite dark
in no
>: more than 3000-4000 years, given the evidence from India.
>Is the reverse true as well? Do we go from dark to light in a similar
>time-frame, and if so, why?
> - Bearcat
Please explain then, why some of the darkest-skinned people are forest
dwellers, eg, Pygmies.


Barry M.