Re: AAT Theory

Graham Judd (
12 Sep 1995 11:36:38 GMT (H. M. Hubey) wrote:
> VINCENT@REG.TRIUMF.CA (pete) writes:

> >`rhinos) and might not be visible in the fossil record since
> >`it doesn't make its way into the bone structure.

> >Umm, just what level of aquatic activity do you ascribe
> >to rhinos?

> Enough to have noses that can close (if I remember correctly)
> and to have lost their hair. What's the real point?

> >all three methods of heat dissipation, including radiation.
> >What he was missing was radioactivity.

> The word radiation is used for both.

> But perhaps his number was not 5,000. What was it?

First he (Kelvin) calculated about 100M years and then modified this to 30M
years (the age of the Sun, that is).


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