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11 Sep 1995 13:01:48 GMT

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: > In any event, there is no satisfactory explanation, that I
: > have heard, as to why Europeans developed blond hair, for
: > example, while Asians in northern climes did not.
: >
: Have you ever lived in northern Europe? You can go months
: without seeing the sun. Personal experience, Hamburg Germany
: Nov. 69 through jan 70 also the whole month of July 70.
: Is that true in northern Asia?

Yes, Northern Europe has a wet maritime climate (always cloudy) while
Northern Asia is dry continental (lots of sun during certain seasons).
Spook/Welsh joke:

The KGB decided it needed an illegal in North Wales, so it trained and
briefed one of its own, named Ivanov. His cover name was Jones, and the
phrase to identify a contacting agent to him was "The sun shines brightly
in Wales." They sent him off to Denbigh and heard nothing from him for
five years. At this point, his controller got worried and decided to
contact him.

The visiting agent arrived in Denbigh and approached a likely man in the
street, asking: "Are you Mr. Jones?"


"The sun shines brightly in Wales."

"Oh! You don't want me! I'm Jones the baker. You want Jones the spy. He
lives on Castle Road, up there."

--This says something about the Welsh climate 8).

Harry Erwin (Yes, I'm mostly Welsh in ancestry...)
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