Re: questions from first read of Lucy

8 Sep 1995 17:48:09 GMT

kevin m. kniffin ( wrote:
: finally read lucy and have some q's...

: 1) the description of the K-Ar tests makes me wonder -- won't the burning of
: some of the crystal, in order to release the Ar, also release some Ar as well ?

It's done in a controlled environment so that atmospheric Ar doesn't
confound the estimates.

: 2) dart's hypothesis that early humanoid killers were right-handed makes me
: wonder about the evolution of "handedness." do other animals show a
: preference for either hand/foot. i would imagine it is a result of the brain
: splitting in half, but want to know more...

Handedness is seen in other species. The brain and body are not completely

: 3) have any fossil chimps been found since Lucy was written? is there a
: general reason for this?

No chimps found. Their environment is not conducive to fossilization.

: would appreciate responses...

: --k

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