Cultural Takeoff Erectus VS. H. Sapiens

NINO180 (
7 Sep 1995 23:44:10 -0400

Marvin Harris writes in his book "OUR KIND" ;

>"Hand axes and other bifacial cores manufactured by the 1.6
million-year-old erectus at Koobi Fora, Kenya were still being made
essentially unchanged by late erectus populations in Africa and Eurasia
300,000 years ago......Starting from a stone age base our own species took
fewer than 100,000 years to pass from a hunting, gathering mode of life to
today's hyperindustrial societies. That's a mere 8 percent of the time our
erectus ancestors had at their disposal."

This boggles the mind if we consider where we may be a million years from
now (providing we make it that long) and keep up this pace. Any theories
or explanations out there as to why the big difference. Physical
limitations in erectus brain make up?