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> So, while it is possible that there was more than one species of Homo
>running around in those days, I do not believe that anything has been
>conclusively proven at this point. I get very uncomfortable when I see
>someone ridiculed for making speculations, since there really is no
>"established dogma," or shouldn't be, in this field. As new finds are
>unearthed (almost daily, it seemed, this past summer), opinions change.

While I agree with your comments, I disagree with your interpretation of
this thread. What I have seen is not a bunch of people ridiculed (the
opposite if anything), but I have seen a number of people who are well
versed in the issues at hand attempt to explain them to people who have
legitimate questions. BUT, a number of those explanations have been met
with "But I saw it on TV." I have seen "pop" arguments made, but when
asked for examples to back their beliefs, the response is "I saw someone
on TV mention it, and don't really remember the specifics." Or an issue
which is under intense debate at the moment be pooh-poohed away with "oh
that has been disproven ages ago by people." Huh, what? It is one thing to
say "I saw it on TV and I find this interesting" but it is another to say
"your arguments (with citations and backing) are nonsense *because* I saw
another point on TV."


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