Re: Lucy -- the 1995 story?

NeilFoglia (
1 Sep 1995 18:31:22 -0400

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>i'm looking to read a book similar to Lucy, but want something more up to

>date (working on the assumption that lucy was written a decade or two
>any suggestions?

"The Fossil Trail" by I. Tattersall is fairly current, even contains a
foot note on A. ramidus (praegens?). It's an excellent read, however some
may caution that he is a "splitter". With all that's been happing these
past few months, though, nothing is current on the subject of hominid
evolution. Tattersall's book does help a lay person such as myself gain
an understanding of all those other species names you see thrown out from
time to time even if you disagree with his analysis.