Re: Lucy -- the 1995 story?

Jonathan E. Feinstein (
2 Sep 1995 02:25:49 GMT

In article <>, (kevin m. kniffin) writes:
>i'm looking to read a book similar to Lucy, but want something more up to
>date (working on the assumption that lucy was written a decade or two ago).
>any suggestions?

OK, Well _Lucy_ was published in 1982, so then there's
Johansen's next book _Lucy's Child_ which came out in 1989. He also published
the companion book to the Nova Series "Ancestors," which I think hit the
bookstores two years ago. Then for another equally valid point of view you might
want to read Richard Leakey's _Origins Reconsidered_ which came out roughly the
same time as _Ancestors_. These are all popularized versions, of course giving
you the news as it were, only touching on all the scientific fiddly bits of
molar size development, cusp patterns and all the numbers surrounding limb size
ratios and cranial capacities. And I'm not sure if the recent finds, such as
_Ardipithicus ramidus_ (Are we still calling it that or has the name changed
again? My news reader was out for two months until last week) et al have been
similarly treated. For the more scholarly articles, you might try journals like


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