Re: Modern Neanderthals?

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Sun, 27 Oct 1996 19:28:45 -0800

Rohinton Collins wrote:
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> > That is a new one Domingo. To opine that Europeans may
> > have Neanderthal genes is a racist plot by Europeans to avoid
> > admitting that we all came from Africa. Of course your logic
> > is not only silly, but down right foolish. No matter if
> > Europeans have Neanderthal genes, which I think likely, the
> > ansestor of Neanderthal most certainly came from Africa.
> > So much for your simple minded theory. P.S. Don't forget
> > the prozac before your next post!!!!
> I don't believe that Domingo was implying any deliberate racist 'plot'
> Aurelius.
> Racism mixed with ignorance and short-sightedness is all that's necessary.
> Take a racist white westerner for example (and don't harp on, we are all
> racist to some degree). He would far rather believe that his ancestors were
> Neanderthals who evolved around southern Europe (despite the evidence) than
> that they were Homo sapiens who came from Africa - after all, they might
> have actually been black ( ;-) ). Failing this, if he actually concedes
> that Homo sapiens evolved (in Africa) before
> the Neanderthals, and therefore that the former couldn't have evolved from
> the latter, then at least some interbreeding went on to dilute this
> 'African' breed?
> Wake up people. Be guided by the evidence, not at your inner prejudices.
> Regards,
> Roh......................................................................
The Neander Valley is in Germany not in Southern Europe, Neanderthals
were found in England and France so where do you get the Southern
Europe spin???