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>>>>It is nonsense. The two species cannot interbreed!
>>>>Charles Candy wrote:
>>>>> Hi folks,
>>>>> Someone was telling me about an artical they read in the Dallas
>>>>> Morning News about a chimp that was possibly half human. Does
>>>>> know more about this?
>>>I'm not saying that the article had any merit, but out of curiosity, I
>>>would like to know how you determined that these two species cannot

>>Donkeys and horses have different numbers of chromosomes, yet can
>>produce a (sterile) mule. I don't think any data exists which would
>>rule out a chimp/human hybrid.

>>Barry M.

>Okay, lets put this into perspective once and for all.........who actually
>copulated with a chimpanzee to produce this hybrid?

Now hold on a second....ya know, I woke up in a strange bed in
Philadelphia some years ago and the girl was so ugly that I couldn't
bear to look much at her, and I left immediately. But thinking back
about what she looked like, I have to wonder, could this be....

If it was artificial
>insemination, who did it and under whose authority.....i.e. what institution's
>ehtics committee allowed it? If you look at the logic of it, it makes no
>sense for this stroy to be true. Scientists are not the 'evil ones' that
>the public likes to imagine. Let's kill the thread now.

>Keith Norris