Re: Modern Neanderthals?

David \ (
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 18:50:40 -0500

On 22 Oct 1996, David O' Bedlam wrote:

> OR, logically enough, common ancestors for both "Cro Magnons" and
> "Neanderthals" -- which could make the difference not one between
> species but one between BREEDS such as that beween Chihuahuas and
> Golden Retrivers, that can indeed mate productively despite heaps
> of obvious physical difficulties inherent in the act itself.

Okay, I'll grant that. I'm hardly intamatly bonded to my ideas. And
you do rasie a good point. Clearly more _research_ is needed.

> >Any comments on my reasoning?
> What reasoning?

THAT was extremely uncalled for.

David Sierra