Re: Big Foot or big baloney?

Ronald McVan (
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 21:50:15 -0700

adam wrote:
> A question.
> Big Foot, the Yeti, Abominable Snowman... whatever.
> Wonder if someone can help. I read an article, in that
> somewhat suspect periodical Omni that a giant footprint
> was found which featured all the fine whorls of the foot,
> (as in finger prints) something that "couldn't have been
> carved."

There is a book by Dr. Grover Krantz called "Big Footprints" in which he
describes the "whorls" you mention. It is from an incident in 1982 in
the Blue Mountains of Washington State where two U.S. Forest Service
personnel claim to have seen a Bigfoot. They made plaster casts of some
footprints and made an official report to the goverment. One of these
footprints was made in soil with a lot of clay in it and this showed the
fine detail of prints. Dr. Krantz is a forensic anthropologist at
Washington State University and is qualified to make this discovery as
"official?" However; because of it's controversial/crank nature no one
is willing to "officialy" peer review this work. So he is left with
magazines and tv shows of questionable repute as the only means of public

> And secondly: a TV show some years ago spoke about someone
> finding two large creatures in their remote log cabin
> somewhere in Alaska - these creatures left behind, in
> tearing through a screen door, samples of long red hair
> which were sent away for analysis. That analysis "showed"
> that the hair came from an unknown species of mammal.
> Can anyone shine any light on these two stories?
> Thanks, Adam

I don't know about this one, but from what I have read this would be
atypical behavior for a bigfoot if it were real.


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