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21 Oct 1996 13:06:03 -0700

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>> William:
>> You want to make love to a chimpanzee? :)
>> > C. Marc Wagner wrote:
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>> > It is nonsense. The two species cannot interbreed!
>> >
>> > If it's possible for a horse and a donkey to interbreed and produce
>> > a mule or for tigers and lions to interbreed, why wouldn't it be
>> > possible for a chimpanzee and a human. I'm told the chimp and
>> > human have more DNA in common than horse and donkey.
>> > William Sburgfort Smith
>Incorrect. How are you measuring closeness of DNA? Lions and tigers, and
>donkeys and horses can mate because they have the same number of
>chromosomes and have not diverged genetically far enough apart to prevent
>successful breeding (even if offspring and infertile).

Hang on a tick. Somebody said that donkeys and horses have different
#s of chromosomes. You just said the opposite.

Could either of you produce a quote and reference please?
I'm interested to find out because I simply don't know.

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