Modern Neanderthals? To"Rohinton Collins"

John POstley (
Mon, 21 Oct 1996 16:57:23 +0000

<<What?? Who taught you palaeoanthropology? What textbooks (if any)
have you
been reading from? The Neanderthals show drastically different
from H.s.s.
Among other things: they have no chin (although some later Neanderthal
specimens display the suggestion of a chin), AND they have LARGE brow
ridges, AND sloping foreheads, AND a stocky physique, AND distinct
aperature morphology, AND distinct laryngeal/pharyngeal morphology.
Need I
go on? >>

Aside from your totally inappropiate tone, I am amazed at the
pigheadedness of this above statement.

Obviously you're no fan of Multiregionalism, but to dismissit out of
hand with some of the non-conclusive pseudo points you've made here is

"Lack of Chin" What does this have to do with the ability to
interbreed? What conclusive evidence can you produce to suggest that
this feature doesn't exist in modern humans? It may not be the norm,
I'd bet there are som chinless wonders out there.

"Large Brow ridges" Lets talk a little bit about this. Isn't it
arguable that archaic humans possesed a more robust morphology than
the more gracile H.s.s? (Like africanus-aferensis?) I was viewing
Neanderthal skull yesterday, and from the naked eye, I saw variation
moving between gracile and robust. Ah, but I'm sure you'll say that
"classic Neanderthals evolved away from gracile features. I'm sure
some did. Others didn't take some of the findings in Yugoslavia,
which reveal wide variation.
In any case, "Brow ridges" conclusively prove nothing.

"Sloping foreheads" Have you studied a neanderthal endocast? Canyou
tell me the level of convolution of the sulci in the frontal lobes?
Have you compared it to a modern human endocast? What exactly is your
point here? Are you parroting your instructor?

"distinct nasal
aperature morphology"
This is a feature which could have been lost, or merely receeded as
the earth became warmer; being that it is a cold weather adaption..

"distinct laryngeal/pharyngeal morphology."
Now I know you're not trying this golden oldie are you? There is no
difference between the hyoid stucture of Neanderthal and H.s.s. The
placement of the larynx MAY have been higher in Neanderthals, that's
true. But look at the variation of H.erectus from early to late.
There is similar lyngeal difference. I bet they could've interbred.

I am interested to hear your reaction "Rohinton Collins," you seem
priggish enough to enjoy mercilous debate.