Re: Caucasian remains in Oregon

Phillip Bigelow (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 19:19:07 -0700 wrote:

Phillip Bigelow wrote:
> > A group of archaeologists and one U.S. senator (Slade Gordon (R))
> > are petitioning to have the material studied first, and then
> > handed back over to the tribal nations.

> What's with this 'handed back' dreck?
> Did the natives find the remains? No!
> Did they dig them up? No!
> Was the man (person?) a member of any tribe wanting the remains? >No!
> It seems that this is just another pushy try on the part of the
> Siberian-Americans to control north american archaeology by demanding
> that scientific research must end the instant any human remains are
> found

<a merciful snip applied here....>

I will graciously take your position on this *only* when we get to the
point in our culture when we can dig up our OWN northern European
ancestors in graveyards throughout America, test their bodies
for toxins, then instead of reburying the bodies afterward,
put them in a museum as reference material for future toxicity
studies. I mean, after all, they ARE scientific store-houses of
information...aren't they?
I see nothing wrong with studying the specimen before returning it
to a grave. I see nothing wrong with returning it.

He continues:
>When will these people learn to accept that although they got to
>the americas first, and immediately hunted every animal larger than
>the bison into extinction, they are not the rulers of the
>land anymore.

<sarcasm button clicked ON>
No indeed. We beat them into submission. That ought to teach them
not to open their mouths any more, hmmm? <sarcasm OFF>