Re: Half Human?
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 20:51:42 GMT

In article <541boi$>, (william r smith) writes:
|> If it's possible for a horse and a donkey to interbreed and produce
|> a mule or for tigers and lions to interbreed, why wouldn't it be
|> possible for a chimpanzee and a human. I'm told the chimp and
|> human have more DNA in common than horse and donkey.
|> William Sburgfort Smith

++The Mule (the offspring of Horse and Donkey inter breeding) is sterile. Being that it cannot reproduce, I would not consider it in the catagory of "viable offspring". As for the DNA being similar, you also have to have the correct number of chromosomes. Or shall we try follow in the footsteps of H. G. Wells' Dr. Moreau?


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