Anyone read the fictional work "Almost Adam"?

Tom & Coleen Wheeler (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 00:47:40 GMT

I've followed this group for some time now, hold it in high regard.
Some of you (hopefully at least ONE of you) will remember an intro I
wrote some time ago describing my fascination with this field of study
& my intent to return to school in pursuit of a graduate degree. If
not, so be it, but: this book is most fascinating......the story
involves the discovery of a habitat that has remained unchanged dating
back to the Australopithecine's time. It will seem quite crude to
many, many of you re: the terminology, but I strongly feel that your
imagination will supply more than enough intrigue. Most fascinating
to me, at this stage of my academic career, was the politics in
dealing with the third-world nations in Africa where many clues lie.
Any insights you all have regarding the legitimacy of the situations
brought forth in this work would be appreciated.
Again, I feel that you all would enjoy this work immensely!

Pittsburgh, Pa USA