Tarsius phylogeny

B.McVittie (bjmcvitt@acs.ucalgary.ca)
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 21:37:06 -0600

Hello to all:

I am currently investigating the phylogenetic position of tarsius within
primates. I consider myself to be 'competent' regarding theoretical
issues in molecular phylogeny, but my practical 'know-how' is
I would like to search the big databases (genbank,embl, etc.) for all
tarsier sequences which have recorded orthologies in other primate
species. However I have no idea how to go about this.
Specifically: -How can I search for sequences by species?
-Is it possible to use sequences from one species to
search for orthologous sequences in other spp?
-What types of software can be used towards this end?
-What software works well for storing sequence data?
-What software is good for multi-spp alignments? How
compatible is such software with analytic programs
(Paup,Phylip,etc.) with regard to integrating gap
penalties into analyses.
>From these questions you can see how uneducated i am on these issues.
Any info, or refs. to literature discussing these topics would be GREATLY
appreciated. Any refs to tarsier phylogeny in general would also be
Thanks in advance,

P.S. you can e-mail me directly at bjmcvitt@acs.ucalgary.ca.

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