Re: Half Human?

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Wed, 16 Oct 96 10:33:12 GMT

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> >From: (Charles Candy)
> >Someone was telling me about an artical they read in the Dallas
> >Morning News about a chimp that was possibly half human. Does anyone
> >know more about this?
> "Bobby-Joe, won't you just-a hold this here chimp still for me...?"

This news article is from "L'Union" (Gabon) March 1996 -- as quoted
in Private Eye (London) 6 Sept 1996, p.16. :

> "Je me suis seulement amuse'" shouted J.B. Minki-Mi-Essono to
> onlookers as he was arrested for rape in Peyrie Park, Libreville,
> "I wanted to have fun, that's all. Anyway, what I did it cannot
> be rape because Sylvie was the one who started it, putting her
> tongue in my ear and groping my tingaling. I tell you, that
> chimpanzee is a slut."
> The conduct of Minki-Mi-Essono, a twenty-four-year-old employee of
> the Agrogabon company who lives in Ndougayat (Oyem) was later
> defended by Francois Nziengui-Nzoundou, the chimp's keeper.
> "Of course it was not rape. Sylvie becomes sexually crazed when
> she smells underarm deodorant, and Essono is by no means the first
> passer-by who she has persuaded to pleasure her. She has had dozens
> of human lovers, to my knowledge, and she always takes the more
> active role. And if a crowd gathers to watch, that only makes her
> more excited. When I saw Sylvie and Essono together, I did nothing,
> although I did tell him afterwards that he should leave his right
> shoe in the cage with his little mistress, as a souvenir. He did
> exactly as I asked, the act of a true gentleman."
> As Essono was driven away by police, two women were arrested for
> disturbance of the peace, having had a jealous and violent argument
> by the entrace to the park. It emerged that both of them had
> believed themselves to be the man's sole girlfriend. Essono is,
> in fact, married to a third woman.

It's quite possible that such unions have produced offspring.
However, among the range of other probable difficulties, it's
unlikely that the infant would be able to hold on in the ventral
position so, in the wild, the chimp mother would not be able to
nuture it for long. But I would not be surprised to hear of
such a creature being born and raised in a zoo.